Awakening the Dreamer

To awaken the dreamer is to revitalize an awareness that has been forgotten because of countless others telling us to be scared, when all we ever are is free ~

The dreamer speaks the language of enthusiasm and is able to remember the inner child that tugs toward curiosity and joy. As time adds experience to the equation, its become clear that our intention largely influences the reality that we experience. Growing this intent from seeds of love and gratitude within ourselves enhances our probability of abundance for us and for all. In this space, we surrender to flow state and allow the heart to gain strength as an organ of perception. Riding this wave is an exploration defined by the infinite, while unbound by convention. We are all relying on one another to live our passions so we can live in each others dream world. This new year of life is a blank canvas, let us paint our dreams*

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2 thoughts on “Awakening the Dreamer”

  1. Wow a really powerful and poetic piece. I love how you’ve written about the heart gaining strength as an organ of perception. I feel that is where I am at, I see and feel the world through my heart and it’s only been a fairly recent shift, but one I absolutely love and would never go back from. I can feel when I shut it down though and need to take some time out to reassure my heart that it’s okay to open once more. Thank you for your enlightened words! With love, Sharon


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