Crypto Literacy Course

By utilizing a new financial and governance infrastructure that benefits the many instead of the few, we can implement economic models that incentivize regenerative action and the common good of all beings.

For those out there who wish to cultivate more foundational knowledge in the digital asset space, I’ve put together this free short and simple video series to share some important fundamentals which include:

  • Wallets & Seed Phrases (Self-custody your assets, moving off of centralized exchanges)
  • Using an encrypted mail service for added security
  • Organization & tracking your portfolio
  • Moving with Peace (no FOMO)
  • Sparking the curiosity to learn
  • The Passive Income Mindset
  • Regulatory Compliance & Interoperability

For me, this is all about empowering ourselves with the public decentralized infrastructure that is emerging before our eyes. We are blessed with the opportunity to leverage blockchain technology to support freedom, sovereignty, and regenerative earth systems.

You can follow the link below to enter your name and email to sign up for the video series. Subscribing here will also sign you up to receive future crypto-related content.

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