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1 on 1 Crypto Coaching

I study global economics and the development of digital assets. I’m here to support you and answer questions you have regarding crypto & digital assets. With thousands of hours of research and first-hand experience under my belt, it is clear as day that this technology isn’t going away and will only continue to grow. I’m not here to convince anyone of anything, but simply to share facts, and information and empower those who want to learn more.

All experience levels are welcome. From foundational knowledge about security to navigating digital asset regulations, to deep diving into smart contract technology, I’m here to meet you at your own speed and empower you with the tools and knowledge for long-term success.


Building Strategy

1 on 1 guidance in developing a strategy for tokenizing your business processes and leveraging the power of decentralized blockchain technology for next-generation resilience, efficiency, and security. I’m here to assist established and emerging businesses with integrating APIs and SDKs to expand your brand into Web3.

  • Empower yourself and your community by doing away with the middlemen between you, your data, and your finances.
  • Create a company DAO that empowers your business and your community with equitable systems for decision-making and management.
  • Build your own decentralized application and discover how new data management solutions can enhance the efficiency and security of your business operations. 
  • Provide data sovereignty to your business and to your community by building on immutable, interoperable and open source platforms.
DeFi Education:

I’m here to empower you with the tools and education needed to develop the competence to confidently navigate the crypto economy.

Learn how to:

  • Become a Liquidity Provider
  • Self Custody Your Digital Assets
  • Use Non-Custodial Staking to Earn Passive Income
  • Participate in On-Chain Governance
  • Build Your Own Risk Management Strategy
  • Leverage the Utility of NFTs and WASM Smart Contract Technology

Additionally, receive access to our archive of resources, tools, and educational content to accelerate your learning curve in crypto & digital assets. With holistic thinking and logic, learn how to use data from astrology, mythology, numerology, gematria, syncretism, and technical analysis to study the global financial chess game at play.

Investment Management

Build a portfolio with a risk management strategy that suits your vision and intention.  While I specialize in working in a long-term capacity, I am here to assist you with your own initiative and share facts and resources to inform your own decisions. In regards to portfolio management, I offer hands-on and hands-off approaches. I do not operate as a financial advisor. 

Pollinating Communities:

Plug into an international network of researchers, blockchain developers, and co-creative minds aligned with the vision to leverage the power of decentralized economics and governance to empower ourselves and steward a golden timeline for humanity.

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90-Minute Coaching or Consultation Session:

$222.00 USD 




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I’m excited to work with you. To get the best value out of our time together, you’re invited to come prepared with your questions. With our session, you will also gain access to our private discord server and telegram group.

My Finance Journey

My journey with finance started in 2015 when I obtained my license as a financial advisor for Northwestern Mutual. After running my practice and graduating from college in 2017 with an economics degree I then went on a personal journey, traveling the country for 3 years working with organic farmers and sustainable communities, while at the same time exploring my passions for health and building a foundation for wholistic wellness in my life.

I bought my first bitcoin in 2017 and ever since my eyes opened up to the potential of digital assets and decentralized networks I’ve been in the pursuit of developing knowledge around blockchain technology. I think there are currently many misconceptions flying around in the space, particularly due to the lack of regulatory clarity given to digital assets by the Securities and Exchange Commission. That being said, with some critical thinking one can read between the lines to unveil the progressive evolution of digital assets that are taking a foothold in international economies.

While it may be an unpopular opinion, to me Bitcoin and Ethereum are dinosaur technologies when compared to other digital assets that are currently being used by nations around the world to build the rails for the internet of value. The economics and governance mechanisms that shape these global blockchain systems are very important to me because I know that sovereign economics and governance are keystones in building the equitable systems needed for the empowerment of humanity. For this reason, my life work is centered around this technology.

Work Experience in Blockchain

To date, I’ve helped over 20 individuals navigate uncertainty and achieve the competence to move within Defi. Risk management strategies and security are a top priority. My mission is to empower you with the knowledge and information needed to make your own informed decisions. I do not operate as a financial advisor

Currently, I am a consultant for Plotagraph Inc. where I am designing a tokenized economy for the Plotaverse App. In coordination with our team of developers, we are building a decentralized application that leverages Plotagraph’s IP to create a Web 3 portal to a conscious social network.

I am also Co-Owner of BlackHole LLC, a company that stewards our native asset, HOLE, which serves as a mechanism for upholding the health of the digital asset economies.

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