Simple Breathing Practice for Stress Reduction and Mind-Body Coherence

Hello beautiful family!

Thank you for tuning in today! I hope you find this technique useful. Breathwork is a powerful practice with many benefits including: equanimity of the nervous system, alkalizing the body, increased depth of cellular respiration, mindfulness, emotional release, balancing biochemical interactions, reducing stress, downregulating inflammation and so much more.

Here are the simple instructions for this exercise:

1. Place the hands on the heart

2. Full inhale through the nose – imagine golden light from the sun filling your body

3. Exhale release through the mouth – imagine black smoke that contains un-ease in the body

4. Repeat x3

Comment below and let me know how this practice works for you!

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A New Chapter

Tag along on our journey and see what we’ve been up to and what’s next on our grand adventure. Enjoy this short video update!

Highest Self Invocation

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The following mantra was written to inspire you to trust your inner guidance (intuition) and embody all that you are. Let the words flow and feel this powerful message  ~

What is your highest self? You’re highest self is the part of you that is internally calm, cool and collected. You’re highest self trusts and flows with the universe by embracing change. Tapping into your highest self allows you to embody the unfolding of your life’s path with grace, allowing you to see things from a clear, undistorted, perspective.


I allow my highest self to guide every aspect of my existence.

I allow my highest self to consolidate my celestial fragments* and bring them into unification, here and now.

I allow my highest self to guide me on the path that is my life’s purpose, where I Am of highest service to myself and others.

I allow my highest self to guide my thoughts, move my body and my spirit every moment of every day towards All that serves my highest and greatest good.

I allow all that serves my highest and greatest good to unfold here and now in the present moment.

I allow my highest self to propel me into the timeline where I embody complete trust, love, gratitude and acceptance for all that is me.

I trust and joyously serve my highest self, for I Am my highest self. I Am I Am I Am.

And So It is, Thank you.

*Celestial Fragments are energetic pieces of self that have been seperated from the energetic body through self- rejection, shame, repressed emotions and other forms of self-hate.